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This survey has been carried out during April and May 2017, addressed to people who are between 16 and 25 years old. They live in Málaga and are mostly Spanish.
The survey has been answered by 71 people, 32 male and 39 female.

The education level of the people interviewed is Compulsory Seconday Education (43%), then Secondary and Vocational Training (25,35%) and finally University Graduates. It is shocking that there are 14,08 % people with no education at all.
The survey is divided in different categories to know the opinios of our youngsters about different aspects such as:

 What do youg people think about immigration?
 What expectations do they have about their own future?
 How social networking sites influence on them?
 How do Young people perceive gender violence?
 What is the political tendency among youngsters?

The results are the following:

6.-. In your opinion, are there too many immigrants in your town?

NO 24 33,80%
YES 38 53,52%
DN/DA 9 12,68%


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