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ISTAMBUL 6-5-2019 TO 10.5.2019

There are a number of factors that determine the speed, intensity, and continuity of the many behaviors individuals experience in their daily lives. These factors are influenced by a variety of factors, from the inside (personal characteristics of the individual) or from the outside (environment). However, unlike ordinary behavior in everyday life, in education, it is taken into consideration to acquire and acquire deliberate behavior; the control and effective use of the factors that play an important role in gaining and maintaining the behavior of the individual gains importance.
While it is observed that some of the students in the educational institutions are willing to produce a lesson, a problem or a probing solution, some of the students seem reluctant to attend the lessons and prefer to escape rather than struggle to solve the problems they face. At the beginning of the factors affecting the formation of this difference between the students is the motivation. Since motivation is effective in giving energy to the individual and becoming willing to behave, it is antagonized as one of the most important factors that predominate the effectiveness of the learning-teaching slic.


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