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Saturday 22nd September 2018

Very early in the morning, we fly towards Modlin Airport, near Warsow. A party of two Polish students is waiting for us to drive us to Zychlin. Each of our girls is warmly welcome by host families. The girls spend the rest of the day in their Polish families. Teachers are accommodated in a restaurant with bedrooms. They offer us their best!

Sunday 23rd September
Our girls’ host families organize a trip to Torun, Nicholas Copernicus home town, where we visit the Planetarium, go to beautiful shops and have lunch all together. There is also live music.

Monday 24th September
All students and teachers from Germany, Croatia, England, Lithuania and Spain are greeted in the Secondary School Gmina Zychlin by the Polish partners. They give us a kind welcome. The mayor is also there to show their support to the project. Croatian students make a presentation of their country and remind us of past events in other countries previously visited. We go round the school later.

We have lunch together at school and then we go for a tour to visit the town, including their Cultural Centre, the library and the church. They are very kind and polite to all of us.
Students go back home for dinner and teachers go back to the restaurant.

Tuesday 25th September
While the staff meeting is taking place, the students have fun activities at school.
We grab the picnic lunch they give us and visit an open air museum in Mauryce. There we take part in a hand craft workshop to create our own roosters, a traditional Polish drawing.

In the afternoon we visit Lodz, walking along its main Street and visiting a huge shopping centre named Manufaktura.
Students go back home for dinner and teachers go back to the restaurant.

Wednesday 26th September

Trip to Warsow, where we have a very interesting guided tour. They explained how the situation was during the Nazi invasion and its later connection to the U.R.S.S.

Our Polish partners invite us for lunch at a restaurant and then we enjoy free time in Warsow.
Students go back home for dinner and teachers go back to the restaurant.

Thursday 27th September
Each country projects its presentation via Prezi. Our girls did a good job speaking in English in front of a big group. We had previously rehearsed it at our school. They gave some tips about Spanish food, scientists, artists, and famous sport men and women.
There is a second staff meeting to prepare later exchanges and explain some questions. Meanwhile, the students are enjoying activities all together.
Lunch at school.

In the afternnon there was a closing ceremony. The coordinator of the Polish school, Ms Jola Adamkievich, handed out the participation certificates and we made an invitation to all of them to the next exchange meeting in February 2019 in Málaga.

Wonderful snacks and disco dancing closed the ceremony. They all had a lot of fun!

Friday 28th September
The Spanish students attend some lessons and soon they have to say good-bye to the students from other countries who are leaving on Friday. They enjoy the rest of the day with their host families.

Saturday 29th September
Very early in the morning we part towards Modlin airport. Lots of tears! Families crying! Very emotional situation! Something to remember all our lives! We say good-bye to our Polish friends.
We are now starting to plan our Exchange visit in Málaga.

Modlin airport, Poland, September 2018

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